12 May 2020

How to prepare a custom family tree?

by Anna Janovsky
How to prepare a custom family tree?

Preparing a custom family tree has always been a big challenge.

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First of all, before you create your first family tree, you need to specify the purpose for which it is done so that you know how much work you need to put into it. If your family tree is only for virtual needs, for displaying on the internet, you don’t have to worry about such aspects as printing your custom family tree. However, if the family tree will be printed and then framed, you must remember that the photos of your family members should be of the highest resolution. To put it simply – the larger the photo you’ll scan, the better it will look when printing on your custom family tree. Nothing is more frustrating when the fruit of our work in the form of a family tree has blurred photos of your family members to the extent that no one can recognize them. However, if your custom family tree is only for Internet purposes and will never be printed, then the quality of the photos is not as important as in the case of the print version.

Well, let’s assume that you have already collected sufficiently large photos of family members that you intend to put in your printed custom family tree, and now what? The next step is to establish an appropriate generational hierarchy. This rule is very simple, the oldest generation is in the top row of your custom family tree and the youngest generation is in the bottom row. Most often this type of layout looks like this (viewed from above): the first row is a great grandmother with a great grandfather. The second row is grandmother and grandfather, the third row is mother and father. In the fourth row, we will find children and in the fifth is dedicated to grandchildren. The sixth row will be devoted to great-grandchildren. Symmetrical and as far as the possible relative arrangement of family members on your custom family tree should be a principle that you’ll stick to in order for your work to look aesthetically and neatly. Of course, not always equally arranged and symmetrical is possible even because of the odd number of family members in a particular generation. If you struggle with finding your ancestors we recommend using services of sites that specialize in family history records.

The last point, which is also the icing on the cake of your custom family tree is the frame.

Currently, on the market, there are countless frames made of wood, plastic, aluminum or other materials in an endless number of designs. It is necessary that the custom family tree you have prepared is in standard sizes so that it can be inserted into the frame at all. Our most popular formats are A4 and A3. In the case of very large family trees, it is sometimes better to choose the A2 format. It is worth paying attention to the style of the frame to fit the template of our custom family tree. In addition, it is also worth considering whether the frame we want to choose will match the interior in which we intend to hang them. Is very important that our custom family tree is a beautiful decoration that we will be proud of as much as we are proud of our beloved family 🙂

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