29 April 2020

A family tree is a representation of family relationships.

by Anna Janovsky
A family tree is a representation of family relationships

A family tree is nothing more than a description of family relationships.

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In general perception, the term family tree is usually understood as a graphic representation of family ties beginning with the person concerned – he is professionally called proband. Knowing who belongs to the family has been extremely important since the beginnings of humanity. The family worked together, protected and supported each other. Nurturing family relationships was no less important than in modern times.

Good relationships and feelings are not the only positive side of the family. Once, the family tree had a practical aspect. Its creation was used for the inheritance of property and even the throne, so documenting someone’s origin was extremely important. It always followed the male line, so in the old days, family ties began to be drawn from the oldest known or most important male ancestor, adding his descendants higher and higher. At that time, such trees also looked different, namely, it was a textual list of ancestors rather than a graphic form.

Over time, the substantive and graphic layer changed. Currently, handwritten or drawn family trees are rare. Now, mainly computer programs are used to draw the ancestor’s arguments.

Of course, today creating a tree has another dimension, more sentimental. We want to reach our ancestors to get to know our genes and sometimes to check the pleasure of our loved ones and find a pretext for conversation and memories. Undoubtedly, in recent years family trees have become more popular and for many people, it is a hobby. Therefore, you can find many companies on the network that will help us reach our ancestors and create a family tree.

The most common family tree model is a tree representing three/four generations. The oldest generation on the graphics is our grandparents or great grandparents. Of course, the youngest generation will be grandchildren or great-grandchildren. Generally, we want to capture and illustrate our modern family relationships.

It often happens that children at school get the task to create a family tree that will reach their grandparents. This is a great excuse to spend time creatively with your loved ones discussing family ties. Each sentimental journey to the past will be a beautiful experience for the youngest.

For those who would like to have an aesthetic version of the family tree, which at the same time will be beautifully presented in a place of honour in the salon, I recommend the Family-Tree-Gift website where you can buy a custom tree in a frame for yourself or your loved ones.

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