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What is Family Tree Gift TM

Family Tree Gift TM is your bespoke family tree product, placed in a frame chosen by you or as a digital PDF version.

Every Family Tree Gift TM is completely unique and fully dedicated to your family members. You can easily prepare it on your own using the online creator. While designing your family tree you will be able to choose whether it should be a printed and framed version or digital. You will easily upload photos of your beloved family members and select from a variety of templates and frames. Family Tree Gift TM is not only a symbol of your family bonds but also a beautiful home decoration adjusted to your preferences.

Furthermore, Family Tree Gift TM has significant therapeutic value. It was created by real family members as an instrument to help their seniors. We understand how difficult it can be for our grandparents to recognize family members and combine the facts; we believe that Family Tree Gift TM will help you to solve this problem as it helped to solve ours.

Family Tree Gift is a Personalised Family Gift Idea for Christmas

Family Tree Gift TM is a beautiful family decoration for your home.

Family Tree Gift TM can be proudly located in a place of honour in your loved ones’ home. You can adjust it by choosing a background template and frame to make it suitable for your interior.

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How it works

Select your Family Tree Frame and Template
Step 1

Choose your frame style and family tree template

Fully customize your Family Tree Gift TM and make it suitable to your preferences. Choose between 5 frame types and 3 background templates!

Send Us  Photos of your Family Tree Members
Step 2

Send us photos of your family members

Upload photos with a short description or handmade family tree sketch. Let us know who’s who in your family so we can design a Family Tree Gift TM for you.

We prepare Family Tree Gift for you
Step 3

We prepare the Family Tree Gift TM for you

Based on the selected template, frame and family photos uploaded by you, your Family Tree Gift TM will be ready to be sent after 3 days.

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Our clients love Family Tree Gift TM

The benefits of Family Tree Gift TM

Family Tree Gift Is A Perfect Birthday Gift For Parents

What makes Family Tree Gift TM
a perfect present

  • An original idea that will satisfy every family member.
  • Available as a physical printed and framed product and in digital PDF version.
  • Fully adaptable appearance with your family photos and names.
  • Beautiful bespoke decoration for your home.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Family Tree Gift TM cost and do I have to pay for shipping?
Printed & framed version of Family Tree Gift TM has a flat price of $99 + the shipping cost, depending on country. Digital version of Family Tree Gift TM has a flat price of $61. Due to its digital form, no shipping cost will be added to the final price.
How many people can you put in your Family Tree Gift TM
We can easily put between 3 and 30 family members in the Family Tree Gift TM. However, we also receive special orders for frames with more members. If you’re interested in such an order, please contact us via email hi@family-tree-gift.com or phone +44 7487 763 518
How can I send in my family photos and a description of the family structure?
On our product page, you’ll be able to send us your photos with a description of your family tree structure. You can also send the photos via email to photos@family-tree-gift.com.
I have a collective photo; can you cut a single person out of it?
Of course we can! Please remember to send us photos providing the highest quality you can.
If I have a patchwork family, will you be able to illustrate it on my family tree?
Yes, we can! Please remember to send us all appropriate info about your family in your description or sketch.
Which countries do you send Family Tree Gift TM to?
We ship Family Tree Gift TM worldwide.
How will you know which pictures are to be assigned in the right places on the family tree?
You’ll be asked to send in your family’s freehand structure drawing or a text description. Please also remember to title each photo file using a family member’s name.
How long does it take to process the order?
After your order is done and your family photos are uploaded with its structure description, we need a maximum of 3 working days to send you the package with the complete Family Tree Gift TM to you.
Where can I choose the frame style and template for my family tree?
You choose both, the frame style and the template of the family tree on the Create page while making the order.
Will be my photos safe with you?
Yes, we guarantee that your photos will stay safe with us and all your uploaded files will be deleted in 4 days.
The structure of my family is different from the presented examples; can you adapt it to my needs?
No matter how small or how large your family, we will adapt your family tree specifically to your needs.
What are the dimensions of Family Tree Gift TM?
Family Tree Gift TM width is 17.7 inches wide and 13 inches high. In centimetres, this is 45cm x 33cm.

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